• Coaching is based on the world renowned ‘Swim Smooth’ methods, that focuses on specific swimming fitness and individual swimming technique

  • A variety of swimming sessions each week to cover all your training needs

  • High quality professional coaching

  • Regular benchmarking to demonstrate your improvement, that will happen!

  • Stroke correction and development feedback

  • Squad numbers managed to maximise opportunity for quality training

  • Fun & social squad that includes some positive competition!




To get the most out of these sessions you should ideally be able to swim 200m of front crawl in one go.

Swimmers will be grouped in the lanes according to their individual pace; from the novices and improvers, right up to the advanced swimmers.

If you are still in doubt give us a call and we can work out the best option for you to take your swimming to next level! 

If you want to enhance your speed in the pool and the open water over distances greater than 400m, then this is the place to start.


It's a very challenging session and relies upon you knowing your current CSS (threshold) pace. Intervals will range from 50m to 500m and will all centre around CSS pacing.


There will be a few drills and a few sprints as well, but the majority of the session is focused on you maintaining your racing speed.


Want to tidy up your stroke or need to improve your feel of the water?

There will be very little emphasis on target times during this session, instead we keep you focused primarily on certain aspects of your technique.


These beginners sessions are perfect for swimmers are confident swimming at least couple of lenghts in the pool but still need little extra help with their technique and endurance to join the main squads.


The infamous "Red Mist" Long Endurance Session is one tough 90 minute session.


This session is testing your mental and physical toughness, preparing you for long distance racing (half and full distance triathlons)


Interval distances range from multiple 50m intervals up to 1000m with very little rest.


Monday is a kick start to a week ahead. This session will give a great taste of each of our weekly session types:


- bit of technique

- bit if strenght work

- bit of threshold

- some longer challenging RED MIST intervals 


The ration of these part will evolve over the course depending on what we have in the race calendar and in what season we are. The main key is to prepare you key events for the season. 

It is going to be lot of fun and will have everything that you can expect from an engaging Swim Smooth session! 

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