It all started as a dream of becoming one in the hundreds of passionate and dedicated triathletes who will join the upcoming races this year, though it felt like I'm a bit late to start at this point in my life. Yet with all the encouragement and wisdom I have earned through Merle's classes I got to experience my first triathlon as a real champion in my heart. 
For the new confidence I have as a swimmer now, I owe it to Coach Merle BIG time!

Merle, You just don't train.. You inspire

Merle is a very good coach with a real passion for improving your swimming technique and fitness. Highly recommended.
I improved up to 10% in 3 months of classes.

Merle is AMAZING! The sessions always make you come away feeling like you are improving. Already within a few weeks I feel more confident and feel like my technique is improving.

I have nothing but praise and appreciation of what you did with me to bring me up to speed with my swimming and to teach me the very basic to the most advanced technique that I needed to learn and understand before I can think to swim! Not able to swim 25m without being exhausted and nervous to swimming over 2k in an open water as well as pool is credit to you and for that I am so grateful.

Great sessions. Has dramatically improved my swimming. Merle is a great coach keeps us motivated

Learnt so much in the short time I was swimming with Merle and in her swim smooth squad. Started as a beginner with the video analysis. It was a perfect starting point to see all the mistakes I was making. Swimming was a real struggle but with Merle's excellent guidance and coaching it went from barely swimming 25m and out of breath to now confidently swimming over 500m without stopping. For me in three months its much more than I ever expected. Thank you Merle

 I can't praise Merle enough for all her encouragement and knowledge. Swimming has never come easy to me but since training with Merle I feel a lot more confident in the water, my technique has improved and so has my distance. Thank you Merle for all your time and effort.

Have been swimming with Merle since August 2016... and have loved every session. She is a brilliant coach and has set up a great squad here in Dubai. Swimming is a very solitary sport but Swimming with Merle and her group was always fun and social and my times in the pool have come down significantly too. Just keep swimming....

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